Saturday, May 1, 2010

My first 3D project at gsCEPT. The task was to make a room for a child and make a 30-35 second shot of it.

These are some of the props in the video, screengrabs from Maya's viewport. The figure on the bottom left was referenced from a cardboy that I own. All models and textures were made by myself.

My second project, a 1 minute short animation together with fellow student Björn Svanström. For this task we were only given the title of the movie, which was Impossible Combination, and then make something that fit it's description. For this short I've rigged the main character and animated about half of the shots. I also modelled everything besides the main character.

I do want to make apologies for the audio, I'm not a sound engineer (or have any desire to become one) and it definitely could be better.

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  1. Gött bror! tycker att "mission" impossible borde få en egen post dock och att du lägger upp lite design skissar.
    /big brother who sees you.